“The Outs” – what “Looking” could have been

My friend Jes posted this on Facebook. I only wish it was based in SF.

Full episode list

Starting Fresh

Today marks the first time I’m wiping my blog completely clean and starting over from scratch. Frankly, it’s primarily because after porting the content of my blog over the past decade, over several servers and hosting platforms (you’ll always have a special place in my heart, Posterous) the archive is simply broken. I’ve said some cool stuff and some stuff that I don’t understand why I published it. I have it saved for me to see from time to time, and I’ll probably repost some of it here as time goes on.

Hopefully my next post will arrive here sooner than this one to my last. Who knows, maybe going back to school, getting married, and starting a diet is just the kick I needed to start writing again.

Hello world!